The truth behind corns and callouses

Hyperkeratosis (hardened skin/callous and corns) are a condition that many individuals suffer from over their lifetime. Callouses are diffuse areas of thickened skin. Corns are more focal areas of hard skin that grow in an inward direction often causing more acute areas of pain.

There are many different reasons why an individual may develop corns and callouses and they can include:

  • Excessive pressure/friction on your feet because of your biomechanics or walking style.
  • Poor/ill-fitting footwear
  • Foot deformities

Our podiatrists are experts in the ongoing care and management of corns and callous. They will be able to remove your corns and reduce your callouses whilst providing advice for long term care.

An appointment with one of our podiatrists will allow them to asses your footwear as well as your foot shape and function. They will then be able to advise which shoe type is best for you and provide any offloading that may be required to help you feel comfortable and pain free.

You can also care for your corns and callouses at home my moisturizing your feet regularly to hydrate and nourish the skin making it feel soft and smooth. A foot file or pumice stone can also be used regularly to help remove some of the dry skin preventing it from building up.

If you have a corn it is important not to use corn plasters as if used incorrectly or on fragile skin can cause blisters or burns.