Tips for Toenail Cutting

Correct methods for toenail cutting are important for providing not only comfort for the individual, but also to remain pain and infection free. Ingrown toenails occur when a nail becomes lodged in the skin and does not grow normally. They are one of the major causes of foot discomfort and pain. Some nails have a tendency to grow inwards and may need to be corrected with a small surgical procedure (see nail surgery).

If you learn how to trim your nails properly you may be able to stop ingrown nails developing. When cutting nails, cut straight across the nail and avoid cutting down the sides or into a curved shape, multiple cuts can be used for each nail. It is also important to make sure that you do not cut the nails too short. Nails should be cut when they are dry as wet nails are likely to tear. Use appropriate nail clippers, and keep all tools you use for your nails disinfected, this can be done with an alcohol wipe before and after use. If using a nail file or emery board gently more it across the nail in a single direction until the desired length is reached, do not drag it back and forth across the nail. Nail cuticles should not be cut as this could lead to bleeding or infection.

Remember everyone’s nails will grow at different rates so there is no set time as to when they should be cut, just keep an eye on them and give them a trim before they start rubbing on your shoes and causing pain.