Sports Podiatry



Sports Podiatry focuses on treating foot and lower limb conditions that arise as a result of exercise and sporting activities. Sport injuries can affect people of all ages, both amateur and professional athletes.

Our Podiatrists are members of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and are directly involved with Sports Medicine Australia.

We have experienced practitioners who participate and treat of a variety of different sports including triathlon, running, football, soccer, cycling, basketball, golf, netball, skiing and snowboarding.

Many of the conditions we treat are not just foot related, but include recurrent calf injuries, achilles tendon troubles, shin pain, knee and ITB pain, along with general heel, foot and ankle pains.

Our new markerless 3d RUN LAB assessment is very thorough and includes a detailed gait analysis particularly relevant for the athletes involved with running-type sport. Results are referenced against scientfic data and can be emailed to you, your coach and your treating practitioner team.