Running & Walking



Running and walking are the cornerstone of a fitness regime. Good foot and leg function is required to perform these activities seamlessly and pain free. We are all created differently and the subtle variations can be the difference between pain free movementor developing a painful disorder.

Our biomechanical facility combined with our experienced expert staff enable us to cater for the wide variety of conditions seen in walking and running. Shin splints, heel pain, achilles disorders, knee pain and hip issues are all common problems that require a thorough physical analysis and gait assessment. Treatment regimes will often include training and activity modifications as well as exercise prescription, gait retraining, shoe advice and orthotic therapy.

We are also commonly involved in assessments of pain free but unusual walking and running styles, providing the most up to date ethical and evidence based assessment and advice. This also extends to review and recommendations of practitioner’s management plans from outside the clinic.

Our goal is to keep you as pain free and active as possible.