Orthotic Therapy



Melbourne Foot Clinic Podiatrists are recognised as experts in orthotic therapy. We have long been regarded as the leading centre for Orthotic Therapy in Victoria. Our Podiatrists are specialists in this area and have lectured both locally and overseas on orthotic treatment.

The best orthotic therapy for your needs

Foot orthotics are only one part of an overall treatment plan. Making the right decisions on orthotic type for overall comfort and function comes with experience, knowledge and having the right facilities. Our skilled Podiatrists will conduct a full biomechanical assessment, a computer scan of your feet and a prescription to the laboratory taking into account your personal biomechanics, foot structure, pain, activity and footwear.

We also stock an extensive range of cost effective, non-prescription orthotics suitable for all ages and a wide range of foot conditions, such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis. Your Podiatrist will help you make the right decision.