The foundation of a good golf swing begins with an optimum foot and leg position. This stance facilitates good leg, hip and back motion throughout your swing. Maintaining balance and a stable base along with good function for walking are also necessary requirements for comfortable play.

Golf consists of long periods of standing and walking where foot fatigue and discomfort are common problems. Small biomechanical disorders, or even the wrong shoes, over the duration of a game or practice, can dramatically impact on your ability to stay comfortable or pain free, significantly changing your enjoyment of the game.

We can assist you with advice on all of these areas, including stance position, orthotics to improve foot posture and stability and offer advice on golf shoes.

Rohan Coull has a particular interest in golf biomechanics, having worked with the PGA and Mizuno, run workshops with top golf coaches and playing regularly. He has treated a vast array of golfers including tour players, coaching professionals and recreational golfers.