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Winter is coming!

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The snow season is upon us.  Snowboarding and skiing  place  significant  demands on  the lower limbs so adequate strength and correct boot fit are essential  for a great season.

Get your boots right for the optimum comfort and performance in balance, edge control and power.

Pain or difficulty on a particular maneuver on the snow can be an indication that your boots are not ideal.

A good place to start is an assessment of your overall biomechanics including lower limb structure and function.  A proper assessment by one of our podiatrists Rohan Coull, who understands the specific movements and forces placed on the body during these activities will allow him to assess your posture and strength. He  will be able to prescribe an exercise/stretching regime tailored to your needs and possibly inserts, orthotics or boot modifications to assist in getting you pain free and back on the slopes in no time.

Rohan Coull can perform the same tests and assessments we use on national team ski races and snow-borders that help them to perform at their best. Rohan has lived in the snow, run the Mt Buller Foot Clinic, taught the Masterfit Boot Fitting program and has three boys who have been on Australian Alpine Teams.