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Orthotics at Melbourne Foot Clinic

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The foot is home to numerous bones, muscles and ligaments which are designed to perform a variety of complex functions. Feet should be able to absorb shock, facilitate balance and carry you through your day. Without the right support and alignment people often experience pain. When this is the case you may need the help of an orthotic or insole to balance everything out again.

Our team of podiatrists are experts in providing orthotic therapy to all age groups and activity levels. We often use orthotics in the treatment of ‘flat feet’, plantar fasciitis and arch, ankle, shin and knee pain.

There are many different types of orthotics available at our clinic from “off the shelf” to custom foot orthotics and your podiatrist will discuss with you is the best fit for your feet and activity level.

When making custom foot orthotics, we take over 40 minutes performing a full biomechanical and gait assessment, before taking a plaster impression of your feet. This enables us to design the most appropriate device for your needs. There are many different materials and styles of orthotic that can be used to make your orthotic as “hard” or “soft” to provide the best level of comfort for your feet. There are also many different styles that can be tailored to fit in various styles of shoes.

At our clinic we have the ability to make adjustments and additions to your orthotics on-site. At your fitting appointment, we make sure your orthotic fit properly and are providing the support your feet require.

During the process we work with our patients to develop detailed rehabilitation programs and stretching regimes to best facilitate your feet function. Our podiatrists have an extensive knowledge of footwear appropriate for your orthotics that are not only functional but also fashionable.

After your orthotics have been issued we schedule a review appointment in 4-8 weeks to ensure that your feet are now functioning as expected, you are comfortable wearing your orthotics and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions or you would like to make an appointment please contact our clinic on (03) 9890 2212 or alternatively make an appointment online.