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Keryflex Nail Restoration System

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Podiatrists commonly see a wide variety of nail disorders. They can range from short term nail damage caused by trauma, genetic abnormalities or severe fungal infections. Experienced podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and offering appropriate management for the wide ranging conditions that can affect the nails and their appearance.

One of the treatments we specialise in is the Keryflex Nail Restoration System.

Essentially this is a cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of nails. It can be for nails that are permanently damaged for which there are no other treatment options available to improve their appearance or for a short term cover up of a nail whilst it is recovering from trauma.

Matthew Dilnot and Stephanie Carter have been using the Keryflex Nail Restoration System for over a year at Melbourne Foot Clinic and we have been extremely happy with its results. To date we have used it across a wide range of nails. A number of our clients have long term damaged nails that are permanently thickened and very slow growing. In our practice we are able to reduce and sculpt their nail back to a more normal thickness and then recreate an entirely artificial nail over the top. There is a need for approximately 15% or more nail left at the base for the new artificial nail to attach to.

The cost of this treatment is a consultation fee plus the cost of one kit of Keryflex priced at $80.00. The client is then supplied with the Keryflex kit and we generally are able to complete 3 treatments per pack. Normally nails need to be “filled” and trimmed every 3 months after their first application.

Keryflex can be used for partially damaged nails that require minor filling and can even be used during the treatment of fungal nails whilst patients are undergoing oral antifungal treatment.